BPM Mezzanine Fund announces its 5th investment

16 November 2017

BPM Mezzanine Fund SICAV-SIF, SCA (BPM) provided mezzanine financing to one of European leading water sport equipment manufacturers Tahe Outdoors (Tahe) for the investment into the high end kite surf engineering company Hiss-Tec. Hiss-Tec specializes in design, marketing and production of kite surfing equipment under brands Core and Carved. Tahe specializes in design, marketing and production of kayaks, canoes and paddling gear. The CEO of Tahe Outdoors Janek Pohla commented: „Tahe Outdoors has heavily set foot on the European market and our product quality is well known all over the world. We are constantly growing, aiming to be the leading water sport equipment manufacturer in Europe. Due to expansion of Stand-up Paddleboard sector in the world, we were looking for investment possibilities into surfing sector. Kite surf is continuously growing segment in this sector and makes it even more attractive. It is an excellent opportunity to start the cooperation with one of the Kite surf pioneers Bernd Hiss and use synergies for better access to the market, better service to our customers, production of better products.“

“Both Tahe and Hiss-Tec are very successful exporters having strong brands and positions in different geographical areas. This creates opportunities for sales synergies. Both Tahe Outdoors and Hiss-Tec have well-known brands and strong market shares in their field of activities,” said Priit Veering, Partner of BPM Capital.

For further enquiries, please contact:

BPM Capital:
Priit Veering
tel: +372 605 0074
e-mail: priit.veering@bpmcapital.eu

Tahe Outdoors:
Janek Pohla
tel: +33625576133
e-mail: janek@taheoutdoors.com

More information about BPM Capital

BPM Capital (www.bpmcapital.eu) is an independent investment manager operating out of two offices, in Tallinn and Warsaw. It has been founded and is managed by Kalmer Kikas, Martin Reinson, Paweł Zabrzycki and Priit Veering. BPM invests in small and medium-sized enterprises and lower midcap companies in the Baltic region and Poland. BPM Mezzanine Fund, managed by BPM Capital, is supported by prominent international and domestic institutional investors. BPM was originated through the Baltic Innovation Fund (BIF) initiative created by cooperation between Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the European Investment Fund.

More information about Tahe Outdoors and Hiss-Tec

Tahe Outdoors (www.taheoutdoors.com) was founded in 1989 in Estonia, and has at present subsidiaries in France and Germany. It operates under 5 main brands of paddle sport equipment (Tahe Marine, Zegul, Artistic, Egalis and Robson) and has two factories in Estonia and one in France. Tahe Outdoors exports its products to 35 international markets. Tahe Outdoors supports professional kayakers, youth kayaking teams and different expeditions all over the world.

Hiss-Tec (www.hiss-tec.com) is located on the Fehmarn island, which is the main kite surfing spot in Germany. Hiss-Tec was founded in 2001 by the German national windsurf champion and inventor Bernd Hiss. The company specializes in design, marketing and production of kite surfing equipment. Hiss-Tec is selling kite surf equipment under the brands “Core” and “Carved”. Hiss-Tec exports its products to 70 international markets. Each and every team member working in the company is kite surfer, which makes this company unique in the world. Hiss-Tec has been awarded as best customer service provider in several years.

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