BaltCap to finance the largest PPP for the construction of local government road lighting in Poland

25 November 2020
EstVCA member BaltCap announced that its portfolio company IZIM inaugurated a public-private partnership (PPP) agreement with the municipality of Kobylnica to design, build and maintain modern road lighting in 12 towns. The investment will enhance the safety and comfort of residents, and the energy-efficient LED-lighting solution will have a positive environmental impact and ease the municipal budget.

The project is worth PLN 12 million gross in total, making it the largest local government investment in road lighting under a public-private partnership in Poland.

Pursuant to the agreement, IZIM will be responsible for designing, financing and building energy-efficient LED lighting along municipal roads within the municipality of Kobylnica, as well as for maintaining this infrastructure for 12 years.

IZIM will install more than 800 modern LED lighting fittings along approximately 30km of roads. Most of the new lighting poles will be located in the towns of Kobylnica, Łosino and Bolesławice. New street lighting will also be built in Kruszyna, Sierakowo Słupskie, Kończego, Kuleszewo, Widzino, Reblinko, Kwakowo, Sycewice and Zębowo. According to the agreement, design and construction works will be completed over the next 12 months.

“This is a very important investment for our municipality and another one being financed in a public-private partnership. This project will provide lighting for local roads, especially in emerging residential areas, which will significantly improve the safety and comfort of residents and other road users. Additionally, by using energy-efficient LED lighting fittings and a central lighting management system, which makes it possible to reduce light intensity at night, electricity consumption will be very efficient,” said Leszek Kuliński, head of the Kobylnica municipality.

“The modern LED fittings that will be set up on our streets use 50-70% less energy than traditional lighting. This is important to us in terms of environmental protection and maintaining control over current budget expenditures,” added Leszek Kuliński.

“For BaltCap, the agreement with the Kobylnica municipality represents yet another investment in Poland, and the first one in street lighting. The investment contributes strongly to energy efficiency and the safety for Kobylnica inhabitants. We are also participating in other tenders organised by Polish municipalities to continue supporting them in improving and creating sustainable infrastructure for local communities. Such partnerships enable further development opportunities for municipalities in these unprecedented times,” said Šarūnas Stepukonis, partner at BaltCap Infrastructure Fund.

IZIM is a specialist entity owned by BaltCap Infrastructure Fund that helps local governments and other public sector entities in preparing, financing and implementing complex investments related to public infrastructure, especially under public-private partnerships (PPP).

BaltCap is a leading private equity investor in the Baltics. The company has been operating in the region since 1995, its investors include the European Investment Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and leading Scandinavian pension funds. BaltCap Infrastructure Fund (BInF) has extensive experience in PPP projects in the Baltic region.

For more information, visit and or contact:

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