Change Ventures participates in the $2.1 million funding round in its portfolio company 99math

01 July 2022

Estonian startup 99math has raised $2.1 million to boost its edtech math gaming platform aimed at making math fun. The new funds will help the company reach the U.S. and other markets with more social gameplay. Play Ventures led the round, with participation from existing shareholders Flyer One Ventures and EstVCA member Change Ventures.

The 3-year-old 99math has a multiplayer math game that teachers use in classrooms around the world. After debuting as a beta tool in 2019, 99math grew into a gaming platform for one million kids, or three times the number it had last year.

Together, students in 99math have solved over 600 million math problems or three million per day. It turns out one of the tricks to getting children into math is to get them to compete with each other in the classroom.

“We have also significantly upgraded our team. The game design thinking is totally a new level. And this is all getting started,” said Tõnis Kusmin, CEO of 99math.

Proceeds from the current round will be invested in expanding the company’s reach and improving the current product.

“We have an extremely excited fan base, but we are still small in the United States,” he said. “We have a tiny fraction of the 40 million kids. So we are taking the product to more users. And we are improving the classroom experience. We’re already quite good there. And the third mission is building out the full home game.”

The company is focusing on second grade through eighth grade.

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