DEAL TALKS: Stanislav Ivanov of Tera Ventures talks about leading the €1.2M seed round investment to Rendin

Our member Tera Ventures recently announced leading the €1.2M seed round investment to Rendin – an Estonian start-up making long-term property rental fairer and safer for both owners and renters. Our DEAL TALKS had a chat with Stanislav Ivanov, Founding Partner of Tera Ventures to hear a bit more about the investment.

1. What makes Rendin unique?
A few words on their uniqueness/competitive edge?

We are excited to partner with Rendin's team! They have a strong vision to make the life of tenants and landlords better. Their dedication to improving end-to-end user experience and process efficiency will bring transformation to all the parties involved. Their goal is to shake up the long-term apartment rental space that was until today almost fully neglected and untouched by digitalization.

2. How is the investment used?
What are they aiming to achieve with the investment now on board, e.g., name key milestones for the next 12 months?

The next step for Rendin is to expand to the Polish market where their aim is to demonstrate the ability to grow fast outside their home territory.

3. Impact and diversity
How do you assess the impact of their business and how diverse is the team?

Rendin will make life easier for millions of people in Europe, saving them time, money and most importantly, removing the pain associated with living in rental apartments or managing one. Rendin's team members have a diverse background, who complement each other nicely, and are therefore very well positioned to execute on the selected mission.

4. Key advisors of the deal
Antti Perli (Ellex Raidla) and Maivi Ots (Eversheds Sutherland Ots & Co) helped handle all the legal aspects of the deal and ensured swift and smooth transaction for all parties.

  • Read the news on the investment HERE

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