DEAL TALKS: Veljo Otsason of Superangel talks about their investment into fintech startup Montonio

11 September 2020

Today our DEAL TALKS meets Veljo Otsason, Managing Partner of Superangel who talks about their recent investment into Estonian fintech startup Montonio. Here’s what Veljo said:

1. What makes Montonio unique?
Montonio’s young energetic team has proven very efficient at getting required licenses, entering into cooperation with lenders, and launching with first merchants. Fintech and checkout financing in particular is a rapidly growing market, which often relies on old inefficient technologies. Montonio’s solution utilizes multiple lenders in a single lending process and is able to significantly increase financing efficiency both in terms of approval rates and lowered interest rates. Their customer-centric approach is the recipe for building a defensible market position.

2. How is the investment used?
With the pre-seed investment, Montonio validated their multi-lender loan origination system. They’re now building additional services for both merchants and lenders to further improve the solution. It is also critical for them to build up sales & distribution channels and start initial tests on larger European markets.

3. Impact and diversity
Describing a startup with the word “disruptive” has become a cliché. However, Montonio really intends to do that by shaking the consumer financing market by enabling the customer to get the best offer on the market.

Key advisors of the deal
The transaction documents were prepared by Toomas Prangli and his team from Sorainen with the legal negotiations handled in-house by Rasmus Õisma, a co-founder of Montonio. Superangel was advised by Antti Perli from Ellex, Lemonade Stand by Ergo Blumfeldt from Triniti and Practica Capital by Eva Suduiko from Cobalt Lithuania.

  • Read more about the investment HERE

Further information:
Veljo Otsason
Managing Partner

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