EVENT: LinkedIn do's and don'ts in 60 minutes

01 September 2021
EstVCA is happy to invite all our members, associate members and friends to a 60-minute online course that tackles the do's and don'ts in LinkedIn. The course is specially tailored taking into account the specifics of the PE/VC industry and looks at how to enhance the visibility of your investments, exits, portfolio companies and team. Join us on September 15 at 9 AM in Zoom.

EstVCA training: LinkedIn do's and don'ts in 60 minutes
Speaker: Indrek Põldvee / LinkedIn strategist; Founder / B2B Growth / b2bgrowth.eu
Online. Free. Registration needed.


At this online course you'll hear:

LinkedIn key rules
  • To whom and why was LinkedIn created and what differentiates it from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Are LinkedIn and Facebook linked, e.g. if I create a post or an event in LinkedIn, can I share it to Facebook and vice versa smoothly?
  • What can be done on the LinkedIn corporate page (moderated e.g. by marketing or administrative team) and what should be done by the fund managers (partners, investment team) via their personal profiles?
  • Taking into account the specifics of a PE/VC fund, what are the best measures to create visibility of your investments, exits, portfolio companies and team?
  • When posting about an investment, is it wise to copy the post of the respective portfolio company or do it somehow differently?

Personal branding

  • The need to build a personal brand in Linkedin - is it necessary?
  • 5 key things to change on your personal profile instantly so that you'll have more visibility.

Boosting. Tagging. Hashtags.

  • How and when to boost your posts?
  • Is there a way to do a post that is very specifically targeted - e.g. to be visible to LPs only?
  • How to use # (hashtags) and how and when to tag people and companies? 

  • How to create LinkedIn events and actually make them work?

About the speaker:

Indrek Põldvee / LinkedIn strategist; Founder / B2B Growth / b2bgrowth.eu

Indrek is an expert in his field. He has been an entrepreneur for over 10 years and is a guest lecturer at the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences and Estonian Business School.

B2B Growth helps businesses create LinkedIn strategies, build brands, organize and manage personal and company profiles, do social B2B selling, create content and recruit new talent.

Launched two years ago, B2B Growth is the only LinkedIn-focused agency in the Baltics. Since then, their team has also become an official partner of Microsoft, the owner of LinkedIn.

In two years, B2B Growth has trained more than 500 people, created more than 200 personal and company LinkedIn profiles, helped businesses get sales leads, and worked with some of Estonia's biggest companies. It currently helps bring customers to companies with a turnover of more than €10 million per year.

B2B Growth has gained clients from Finland, Sweden, Norway, France, Germany, Austria, Poland, and Japan.

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