How can investors drive impact?- Workshop by Alison Fort from Katapult Foundation

On 19 October EstVCA and Estonian Business Angels Network (EstBAN) welcomed Alison Fort, the CEO of Katapult Foundation and Impact Partner at Katapult VC to lead the “How can investors drive impact?” workshop in KAI Art Center, Tallinn.


  • How investors can drive the growth of impactful businesses?
  •  Managing your portfolio from an impact lens - what are the steps to follow today and tomorrow?
  •  Measuring impact and advising on creating impactful business models.

Alison guided participants through the Five Dimensions of Impact and the Theory of Change to find how could investors build impactful portfolios with the help of the five following questions:

  • What outcome(s) does the effect drive, and how important are they to the people (or planet) experiencing it?
  • Who experiences the outcome and how underserved are they in relation to the outcome?
  • How much of the outcome occurs? Does it happen at scale? Does the effect drive the outcome deeply? Does it last for a long time?
  •  What is the enterprise's contribution to what would likely happen anyway?
  •  What is the risk to people and the planet that the impact does not occur as expected?

Thank you to all our members who joined us for your active participation and to Alison Fort for sharing her experience and practical view on building impactful tech companies.

All the participants were invited to join the Nordic Impact Investing Network!


    About Katapult:
    Katapult is an investment company, focused on highly scalable impact tech startups. They currently have 100M USD under management, invested in 145 companies across 37 countries.

    Their accelerator programs strengthen their investment in highly-promising impact tech startups. Since 2017, they have conducted 9 flagship accelerator programs and 3 corporate accelerators.

    They established the Katapult Foundation in 2020, gathering their non-profit initiatives under one arm. The Foundation is focusing on building the impact community and education efforts around impact investment. Initiatives include Katapult Future Fest, Katapult X and the Nordic Investment Network.

    More information:

    About Alison Fort:
    Alison is the CEO of the Katapult Foundation and Impact Partner of Katapult VC, where she sits on the Investment Committees for Katapult Climate, Katapult Ocean, and Katapult Africa. Katapult VC invests in and scales impact technology startups. The Katapult Foundation is the non-profit arm of the family founded to support investors and technology startups to move their businesses and capital for positive impact. Alison has been working with international impact investors for the past 13 years.

    She sits on the Board of Toniic, the global action community of impact investors, where she was previously Managing Director of EMEA and is an Advisor to the University of Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership Multi-Generational Family Leadership program. Alison is passionate about the role of capital and technology for a sustainable future and is currently studying for MSt AI Ethics & Society at the University of Cambridge. Find Alison Fort on LinkedIn

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