RECAP: EstVCA Annual General Meeting 2023 / 12 May

The EstVCA 2023 Annual General Meeting took place on 12 May 2023 as a breakfast & morning coffee event. We were delighted to see so many of you at Karma's office starting your day with great coffee and food and enjoying talks with fellow members on the sunny terrace.

We were honoured to have two exceptional guests joining our event:

1) OUR CHEF FOR THE DAY - Carlos Pineda
Our breakfast delights for the morning were freshly cooked on-site by Carlos Pineda, a passionate Michelin-star chef, who has managed restaurants in Amsterdam, Bali, and New York and currently running one named Siesta, here in Tallinn, Rotermanni district. He prepared Venezuelan Arepas and Empanadas for us, accompanied by speciality coffee.

2) OUR GUEST SPEAKER - Kristjan Korjus, the Co-founder & CTO of Pactum who talked about "The rapid progression of AI and what's ahead?"
Kristjan Korjus is co-founder and CTO of Pactum. Pactum helps companies improve commercial agreements, by automatically negotiating them on a massive scale. He was previously head of AI at Starship Technologies, which has the largest fleet of self-driving delivery robots. Furthermore, Kristjan led a successful GitHub project, replicating DeepMind’s famous Atari playing AI, and is a co-author of the best-selling book in Estonia, “Bedside Reading About Mathematics”. Kristjan holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Masters's in Mathematics.

Please find below the following materials from the event:

  • PRESENTATION of our guest speaker Kristjan Korjus - click HERE

Thank you for supporting our community by attending our EstVCA Annual General Meeting 2023 on May 12th!


Photo credit: Liina Notta 

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