Tera Ventures participates in the €18M investment to 4Trans

29 June 2022
Photo: 4Trans founder Jaroslav Ton

Czech fintech startup 4Trans is on a mission to transform how logistics and supply chain companies use and access financial products. The company is planning to strengthen its domestic operations and expand to other European markets.

The €18 million funding round combined equity and debt funding and investors included EstVCA member Tera Ventures as well as Atmos, and Lighthouse. Impact investment fund management firm based in the UK, Advance Global Capital has also extended a revolving credit facility to the firm.

Founded in 2018, the Czech startup provides financial products for small and medium-sized companies operating in supply and logistics. Through its’ AI-driven factoring service, businesses are able to protect their finances by securing payment for their invoices upfront. By using data analysis and automation, 4Trans is able to do instant risk modelling and, as the service is fully digitalised, customers can receive payment of invoices of any size in five minutes – a monumental upgrade from the 3-month average companies currently face.

Jaroslav Ton, CEO of 4Trans, explained: “The supply chain crisis alongside political and economic uncertainty has led to a huge increase in delays to invoices being paid. This has put considerable financial pressure on Europe’s small and medium sized hauliers. Unfortunately, most traditional financial institutions simply do not cater to this group and those that do take too long to provide financing or require very large invoices. We’ve created a range of solutions that give the small and independent entrepreneurs within the European supply chain the protection they need and deserve”.

Image credit: 4Trans; https://unsplash.com/@marcinjozwiak

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