VNTRS is expanding by launching sister-company VEQ

25 June 2021

EstVCA associate member VNTRS has announced launching sister-company VEQ - a new Stockholm-based venture capital investor focusing on investments in early-stage digital technology companies. VEQ is providing early-stage start-ups with both capital as well as a range of services and expertise available through VEQ’s sister company VNTRS.

VEQ was founded by the digital consulting company and sweat equity investor VNTRS, whose investment team now has partnered up with well-renowned venture & growth investor Alfvén & Didrikson, as well as a handful of additional investors with backgrounds from the technology sector.

Photo: VEQ partners Maria Bergsten and Viktor Gällström.

Together, they have formed VEQ with the vision to be a long-term backer of entrepreneurs in the early stages.VEQ will invest in pre-seed and seed rounds with a mandate all over Europe, with a focus on the Nordics and the Baltics, where VNTRS also has a presence. VEQ does not have a traditional fund structure and will be able to contribute and remain a long-term active owner for as long as it makes sense for the company and VEQ.

The initial plan is to invest 300 kEUR to 1 mEUR each in about a dozen start-ups over the next couple of years. According to Akim Arhipov, CEO and partner of VNTRS Estonia, announcing VEQ will definitely be beneficial for the local start-up ecosystem.

“At the beginning of this year, we opened a VNTRS office in Tallinn, successfully investing using the “Sweat Equity“ model. VEQ enables even more entrepreneurs and their fresh ideas to grow and succeed. We hope to work with strong founders on a daily basis and help them build success stories together. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

”The day-to-day team running VEQ consists of Viktor Gällström and Maria Bergsten.

To read more about VEQ, please visit or reach out to Akim Arhipov - or Tim Vaino -

Photo credit: Raphael Andres/Unsplash; Veq

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