Veljo Otsason

Founding Partner at Superangel

Veljo Otsason is a tech entrepreneur and investor from Estonia. Founding partner at Superangel. Co-founder of Fortumo (acquired by Boku Inc) and Mobi Solutions. An early investor in 40+ startups, such as Bolt, Pipedrive, Veriff, Monese, Starship, Click & Grow, Ziticity, Kea, Bob W, Digital Sputnik, Plumbr & more. Focusing on AI & Robotics, Future of Mobility, FinTech.

Superangel is an early-stage investment fund and company builder. We invest our time, experience and capital to help start and grow the next wave of European technology startups, focusing on the “from founder to founder” concept where early-stage capital is coupled with company building.