DEAL TALKS: Stanislav Ivanov of Tera Ventures talks about $8M series A investment round to Brainbase

Our DEAL TALKS series continues and today we ask Stanislav Ivanov, Founding Partner of our member firm Tera Ventures about their investment in Brainbase $8M series A investment round:

1. What makes Brainbase unique?

The IP industry in general is known to be quite closed, inefficient and inaccessible. Brainbase wants to change that! It will help brands to be more productive and manage any licensing, partnership or sponsorship agreement from end-to-end in a single platform. Brainbase also has a vision that the industry should become more open and gives access to globally recognized brands, celebrities, athletes and influencers. 

2. How is the investment used?
The investment will be used to build a payment feature for its existing IP licensing platform Brainbase Assist. Secondly to create a Marketplace, which would be a new solution to showcase, connect, close deals with recognized and emerging brands entirely online. Thirdly, the company plans to double in size by autumn and make key hires in U.S. and Estonia. Estonia will hopefully support the U.S. team by growing its developer and customer support teams.

3. Impact and diversity
The impact is huge to the old fashioned IP licencing world, that no one knows anything about and feels like has been a huge secret for a long time. It is incredibly refreshing to see the IP licencing world open up and become more visible, more mainstream and accessible. The team has been diverse from day 1, when 3 founders where from Estonia and U.S. The team has grown a little, but now even more globally diverse, with team members from U.S. Estonia, Ukraine and India.

Key advisors of the deal
This has become possible due to founders and early investors making useful and valuable introduction in their network.

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