Euromoney elects EfTEN Capital best real estate fund manager in Central and Eastern Europe

14 September 2021

EstVCA member EfTEN Capital, the largest real estate fund manager in the Baltic States, was elected the best real estate investment manager in Central and Eastern Europe by Euromoney’s 2021 Real Estate Study.

“The size of the business real estate sector in Central and Eastern Europe is several times that of the Baltic states. We were therefore pleasantly surprised that EfTEN Capital which focuses on the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian markets was voted the best by real estate professionals. I am deeply grateful to our clients, investors and our team, together with whom we have been striving to create value for all parties since 2008. Being deemed worthy of such high recognition renders us somewhat humble but mostly it drives us to do even better in the future,” said Viljar Arakas, CEO of EfTEN Capital AS.

Euromoney’s annual real estate study was conducted for the 17th time and a total of 3355 professionals globally participated in it, said EfTEN.

Arakas stated that regardless of the title, EfTEN’s home market remains in the Baltic states, where the company still sees potential for growth. “At the beginning of September, we closed the largest deal of all times for EfTEN, purchasing Jaunā Teika centre of business buildings in Riga for 131 million euros. We have launched EfTEN United Property Fund, thus entering the segment of residential real estate and offering the general public an opportunity to invest, be it even by 10 euros a month,” Arakas added.

About the Euromoney Real Estate Survey 2021

The Euromoney Real Estate Survey 2021 is our 17th annual survey of the global real estate markets and canvasses the opinions of the leading firms involved in the real estate sector worldwide. Advisers, developers, investment managers, banks and corporate end-users of real estate are all invited to give their opinion on which firms they believe have been the best providers of real estate products and services in their market during the past 12 months.

Senior executives fill in the survey at country level, and results are based on peer nominations and voter participation scores. For the 17th annual real estate survey, we received 3,355 valid responses worldwide.

>> Read more about the survey HERE

About EfTEN Capital

EfTEN Capital is an independent Baltic commercial real estate fund manager. EfTEN holds an alternative investment fund manager (AIF) license issued by Estonian Financial Supervision Authority. EfTEN currently manages seven funds:
  • EfTEN Kinnisvarafond AS (founded in 2008), an opportunistic and value-added strategy commercial real estate fund. Fund’s investment period has ended. The fund is the largest commercial real estate fund in Baltics with assets over 200 million euros.
  • EfTEN Kinnisvarafond II AS (founded in 2015), targeted mainly for institutional investors. The fund follows core and core plus investment strategy. Funds investment region is Baltic States capitals.
  • EfTEN Real Estate Fund III AS (founded in 2015) is a public closed real estate fund, targeted mainly for retail investors. The funds investment strategy is value added and opportunistic. Funds investment region is Baltic States.
  • Usaldusfond EfTEN Real Estate Fund 4 (founded in 2018) is alternative, closed-end investment fund. The fund follows core and core plus investment strategy.
  • EfTEN Residential Fund usaldusfond (founded in 2020) is alternative, closed-end investment fund. The fund invests in real estate residential in the Baltic States.
  • EfTEN United Property Fund
  • PE FoF usaldusfond

All seven funds are managed as alternative investment funds.

EfTEN Capital employs over 50 people and has offices in all three Baltic States. In addition to fund management EfTEN Capital also offers private commercial real estate management.

EfTEN Capital is the largest real estate fund manager in the Baltic States.

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