and Startup Estonia have put together a 12-month "NORDIC VC MASTERCLASS SERIES"* which takes place from December 2022 to December 2023. Each quarter we bring one experienced Nordic fund manager to Estonia to guide us through the maze of fund formation, development, portfolio management, team building, and innovation.

👉 The series continues on 29 NOVEMBER 2023 from 10-12 AM with Chris Rangen / Link Capital (Norway) and Rasmus Udde / Sunly Future Ventures (Estonia) guiding us into the topic of "Structuring a VC fund, its portfolio and working with large corporations":

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  • What does "a fund journey" actually look like? 
  • What is a great performance in venture capital? 
  • How can emerging fund managers work with corporate venture capital teams? 
  • And, if you don’t have many, how can VCs help develop a more active CVC scene in your ecosystems? 

In this interactive Masterclass, Chris Rangen (Norway) and Rasmus Udde (Estonia) will take you through a fast-paced, entertaining, and incredibly engaging Masterclass on venture capital. By combining stories from funds around the globe, a series of visual strategy tools for VC funds and specific step-by-step recommendations, you will walk away with actionable outcomes you can implement in your fund and your ecosystem.


1) Introduction
2) Part I: The Fund Journey: why so few actually understand it? 
3) The Fund Journey: What does success look like to you?
4) Part II: VCs and CVCs:
  • How can venture funds work with CVCs? 
  • What does a CVC engagement strategy look like? 
  • Don’t have any CVC’s, don’t worry. You can fix that too! 
5) Part III: Q&A, AMA
Closing comments and next steps. 

Chris Rangen
LP, GP, Faculty, Advisor
Executive Chairman, General Partner at Link Capital (3 funds, 75 portfolio companies)

  • Faculty: Multiple business schools teaching entrepreneurship and venture capital
  • Strategy advisor: Advising governments, ecosystems, CVC teams, venture and PE funds globally 
  • Strategy designer: Develops visual strategy tools for fund managers, corporate venture teams and more'

For over a decade, Chris has been on a mission to help develop the European tech ecosystem. This journey has led him to build accelerators, co-working spaces, venture funds, ecosystem strategies, national startup- and scale up strategies and much more. He has extensive experience investing and scaling early-stage companies, from pre-seed to IPO.

Over the last few years, he has worked with over 200 emerging VC and PE funds around the world, including Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Today, he runs one of the world’s most active GP accelerator program and the early-stage GP Launchpad together with 2X Global. He has built one of the world’s largest, open, free digital programs for emerging fund managers and he runs an extensive number of VC Masterclasses and Angel Programs around the world.

He is also a GP and Chairman at Link Capital, one of the most active early-stage climatetech funds in Europe. Here, he has backed investments in more than 75 startups across ten countries.

Through his work with Strategy Tools, he has develop 80+ strategy canvases and tools for fund managers. Many of these are being used in highly successful PE and VC firms today.

Long-term, he aims to build a leading European fund-of-funds and write a couple of books on life in venture.

* The program is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.