Leading global digital enabler Httpool joins EstVCA

22 February 2022

Photo: Aiga Kalbjonoka and Greta Pudan

Httpool is an Aleph Group, Inc company, a leading global enabler of digital advertising, serving as a crucial link at the core of the global digital ecosystem by connecting the largest digital platforms with thousands of advertisers and billions of consumers in emerging and underserved countries. 

Aleph Group, Inc has commercial and, in many cases, exclusive agreements with over 30 of the leading digital platforms, including Twitter, Meta, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, Spotify and Twitch. Through those relationships, they provide digital platforms with a sustainable and scalable way to monetize their advertising inventory in emerging countries at little additional cost and complexity. They combine these relationships with an extensive global footprint and an end-to-end digital advertising solution that enables advertisers in 90 countries across 43 different currencies to reach close to 3 billion consumers and maximize their digital advertising potential.   

Aiga Kalbjonoka the startup partnership manager comments that with over 20 years of experience in digital advertising and representing major global platforms worldwide, Htpool works closely with startups, including Starship, Veriff, Printify, Lokalise, and others in the Baltic region and globally. “EstVCA, one of the major stakeholders in the Estonian startup ecosystem, is an important partner. Together with the EstVCA network and Httpool’s expertise we can work together on boosting the local startup growth in the global markets. And not only startup growth, but also educate local VC funds on opportunities and visibility digital media platforms and the right strategy can bring,” she adds. 

EstVCA Managing Director Kadri Lindpere is excited about the new cooperation. “This is just a perfect example of how ends can meet. I’ve been looking to engage an active associate member in the digital advertising world to keep us most up to date in the maze of various global platforms and their possibilities. As PE/VC funds are the smart capital that aids their portfolio companies in various matters, I´m confident that Httpool support is vital to take the knowledge in the field to even new heights,” Lindpere says.  

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More info about Httpool and Aleph Group:

Key contacts at Httpool for EstVCA members: 

  • Aiga Kalbjonoka, Startup partnership manager (Linkedin)
  • Greta Pudan, Director of the Strategic partnerships (Linkedin)  


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