Superangel, United Angels and Kaamos participate in the €935,000 funding round to ParcelSea

EstVCA members Superangel, United Angels and Kaamos participate in the Estonian home parcel locker startup ParcelSea €935,000 funding round. The investment helps the company to expand its Estonian parcel locker network and grow into new foreign markets.

Photo: ParcelSea founders

Unlike many other parcel locker networks, the ParcelSea system is one of the personal parcel lockers for homes. Currently, the lockers have three sections for letters, parcels, and up to five grocery bags.

As well as expanding its physical network, ParcelSea is to add new features and products. One will be a freezer parcel locker for food, and there are to be a number of smart home solutions.

“We want to offer a smart home mailbox that is always at home and ready to accept all packages, food and friend-to-friend goods without human contact,” said the CEO and co-founder Andres Sampka. “Today, there are more packages delivered home than letters or newspapers. Ordinary mailboxes are often sitting empty,” added CTO and co-founder Indrek Jürgenson.

Superangel has emphasized ParcelSea’s strong team of founders with remarkable experience in the industry and a bold vision. Market trends such as continued growth of e-commerce and the contactless handling of parcels are in no doubt only grist for their mill.

Superangel also previously invested in technology companies that solve the transportation challenges of both people and goods - Ziticity, Bolt and Starship Technologies. They see several collaboration opportunities that could help create even more value for customers.

The CEO of Kaamos Kinnisvara, Priit Uustulnd states that “smart mailbox is definitely a product that meets market expectations. In addition, its founders have remarkable know-how in the industry, dedicated leadership, professional team, and development competencies. These are all good prerequisites for being successful in the market.

“We are always looking for synergies that create added value to our business lines and therefore happy to contribute to a service that brings value to our customers by reducing their transportation costs and saving their valuable time,” said Uustulnd.

Photo credit: ParcelSea

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