EstVCA LP Insights podcast episode #3 - Staffan Jåfs of eQ Plc

In the #3 episode of EstVCA LP Insights, we were honored to meet Staffan Jåfs the Head of Private Equity at eQ Plc - the leading independent asset management platform in Finland. Staffan is heading an 8-people seasoned investment team with a long-term focus on lower mid-market buyout funds in Europe and the US as well as private credit strategies in Europe. He has vast experience in designing and executing full-service separate account strategies for clients, including investment advice and execution, portfolio administration and comprehensive, transparent client reporting.

In the episode, Staffan guides us through eQ’s investment strategy, which focuses on low mid-market funds, where they see the greatest potential, and where valuations are more attractive. As to their due diligence process, Staffan explains that they tend to concentrate more on smaller regional events and 1:1 meetings with funds, so larger conferences are not the place to meet the eQ team very often. During the analysis of funds’ track records, Staffan points out the importance of presenting clear and honest track record instead of core and non-core results with too many explanatory notes.

The episode is hosted by EstVCA board members and leading Estonian LPs - Sille Pettai (SmartCap) and Allan Gaidunko (LHV Asset Management)

About eQ:

Staffan Jåfs on LinkedIn:åfs-4245aa6/

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