NEW MEMBER: EstVCA welcomes as a new member

11 April 2023

EstVCA is very happy to welcome a relevant regional venture capital investor – – to join its membership. is a team of operationally experienced people from different backgrounds brought together by a passion to support phenomenal founders to take their ideas forward and build the world’s strongest tech companies. was launched with the mission to bring great minds together through a community and amplify the outcomes with venture capital. Since 2017 the fund has invested in over 100 (and counting) amazing teams from Finland, Estonia and Sweden.

In the center of everything they do is people; founders, their teams and how can support them to take their visions from zero to seed and beyond. The fund typically invests in founders who have deep domain expertise in the area they are disrupting and are bringing a unique take to a billion-dollar market. No business is too early for them to invest in!

Aleksi Partanen, the General Partner of adds: “We have been investing in early stage teams from Estonia since 2017. In the past years, we have backed more than 20 exciting ventures and have been lucky to learn from the high energy levels and speed of execution, that clearly puts Estonian teams positively apart from their counterparts in many other regions. Partnering with EstVCA is the most natural next step for us now, when we have first built some footprint in the market. It is exciting to get to learn more from the other members and share our learnings since we believe that together we become stronger.”

Kadri Lindpere, the Managing Director of EstVCA sees many synergies in the new cooperation. „One of our main goals at EstVCA is to bring the Estonian and New Nordic investors together via various events, trainings, and initiatives as well as to promote our key ecosystem players across the globe within investor communities as well as to founders. We are truly honored to have such an active regional VC investor join our community and can’t wait to work together more.”

The Estonian Private and Venture Capital Association (EstVCA) is an organization uniting representatives of the private equity and venture capital industry and support service providers in the field, whose assets under management amounted to €2.88 billion at the end of 2021. Today, EstVCA has 62 member organizations, the main members of which are Ambient Sound Investments, BaltCap, BPM Capital, Change Ventures, Eften Capital, European Investment Fund, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development,, Iron Wolf Capital, Kaamos Group, Karma Ventures, KredEx, LHV Varahaldus, Livonia Partners, Nordic Secondary Fund, Perot Jain, Siena Secondary Fund, SmartCap, Superangel, Startup Wise Guys, Swedbank Investment Funds, Tera Ventures, Trind Ventures, United Partners, UP Invest, and Wellman.

Additional information:

Aleksi Partanen
General Partner, Co-Founder

Kadri Lindpere
Managing Director
Estonian Private and Venture Capital Association / EstVCA
+372 505 1239

Image credit: William Christen (Unsplash)

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