EstVCA welcomes Siena Secondary Fund as a new member

08 September 2021

Siena Secondary Fund (SSF) provides liquidity for early investors, founders and employees of high-growth startups from the "New Nordics" (Baltic & Nordic) region. They target companies that are usually post series A, have a solid business model, and are still in a high growth phase. 

SSF investment criteria:

  • 100% secondary deals, no primary investment to the company;
  • focusing primarily on the Baltics and Finland, but are open to deals from the rest of CEE and Scandinavia;
  • preferably post series A, but not a must if the company is already in scale-up phase;
  • proven business model;
  • scaling phase;
  • exit potential in 3-5 years timeframe;
  • always aiming for a discount from the fair market value.

Siena Secondary Fund is managed by a seasoned team of startup ecosystem members and investment management professionals: Rando Rannus, Rain Tamm and Lauri Isotamm.

Although the fund was launched at the beginning of 2021, they have managed to execute their 1st deal, acquiring a stake in Estonian flagship unicorn Bolt, while there are other deals in preparation.

“We are glad to see many ecosystem members as part of our investors, which proves that secondary liquidity is much needed in the market and helps to speed up the whole startup ecosystem development by recycling the capital” commented Rando Rannus, GP of Siena Secondary Fund.

Kadri Lindpere, Managing Director of EstVCA is excited to have Siena joining EstVCA: “The PE/VC ecosystem in Estonia has grown exponentially over the past five years and the funds market is getting more diversified by the minute. Siena's team has extensive experience in the field and years of experience working with startups and investors across the Baltic/Nordic region. The market has grown to a phase with a number of secondary investment opportunities available, and great to see Siena stepping in to manage that on a professional and institutional level.

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