Kristjan Kalda

Partner at BaltCap

Kristjan Kalda is the founding partner of BaltCap, he helped to establish the company’s Estonian operations in 1997-1998. Kristjan specialises in buyouts and he has led a number of companies to successful exits: Fitek, Magnetic MRO, TREV-2, Energate, Tuuleenergia, Microlink, and A. le Coq, to name a few.

Kristjan has previous experience as the head of the M&A team at Suprema. He studied economics at Tallinn Technical University.

Kristjan was also the founder and first chairman of the EstVCA.
BaltCap is the largest private equity firm in the Baltic States focusing on small and mid-market buyout, expansion capital and infrastructure investments. BaltCap has a strong presence in all three Baltic countries, Finland and Poland.