Maarja Pärs

Investment Director at Livonia Partners

’m Maarja Pärs, Investment Director at Livonia Partners. Has been active in the investment world for more than 8 years, my background is a good combination of LP and GP views. My previous experience in LHV Asset Management as a Portfolio Manager was from an LP point of view – providing capital to local and global companies and funds through debt instruments. It has helped me in today’s GP position in Livonia Partners – sitting on another side of the table – to understand and be prepared for the challenges that all our local VC/PE funds are facing.

My passion has always been building successful global companies based on our local companies’ growth stories. Access to capital and knowledge is essential to achieve this. Given the current geopolitical environment, building relationships with the global LP-s and GP-s community is especially important to make the Estonian VC/PE ecosystem attractive – that is my goal to achieve it.